By Vladislav Petković Dis

A skyless, autumn night; in the dark
Moves, creeps the haze, damp cold,
Earth – black as lust and wet as mold.
Shades of bare boughs scattered lie
As skeletons of life, of days gone by.

Earth and darkness all over. The wet
Gloom lies and slumbers. Not a sound.
And in the valley of oblivion, profound
Silence decays softly. No stir at all.
The haze; the skyless night. The cold pall.

Translation from the Serbian by:
Ljiljana Parović


Noć bez neba, noć jesenja; a kroz tamu
ide, mili sumaglica, vlaga hladna,
zemlja mokra i crni se k’o strast gladna.
Gde-gde samo suve senke golih grana
k’o kosturi od života, mrtvih dana.

Svuda zemlja; vidik pao. Vlažna tama
po zvucima, preko mira, leži, spava.
I tišina u dolini zaborava
mirno trune. Nigde ničeg što se budi.
Sumaglica. Noć bez neba. Pokrov studi.


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