By Ivo Andrić

I remained desirous of you on a summer’s day,
O! Silver water, from someone else’s spring.
That was a long time ago.
My each path is illuminated today
By sun and beauty. Happiness met me.
From a hundred wells my thirst is now sated
Yet, peace I could not find anywhere, for
The flames of the first thirst have never abated.

Translation by:
Ljiljana Parović


Ostadoh te željan jednog ljetnjeg dana,
O, srebrna vodo, iz tuđega vrela.
To je bilo davno.
Svaka mi je staza danas obasjana
Suncem i ljepotom. Sreća me je srela.
Iz stotinu vrela žeđ sad moja pije.
Al mira ne nađoh nigdje, jer me nikad
Vatra prve žeđi ostavila nije.



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