By Miroslav Antić

It might also be important to learn:
A man is desired only if he desires in return.

And only if we fully give our mind and soul,
We will be able to make our lives a whole.

We can get to know things in any domain
Only if we say words that are heartfelt and plain.

And only if we truly search for someone new,
Someone will enter our lives, out of the blue.

Translation from the Serbian by:
Tanja Klipa


Važno je, možda, i to da znamo:
čovek je željan tek ako želi.

I ako sebe celog damo,
tek tada i možemo biti celi.

Saznaćemo tek ako kažemo
reči iskrene, istovetne.

I samo onda kad i mi tražimo,
moći će neko i nas da sretne.


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