By Stevan Raičković

Are you with bitterness obsessed?
As despair are you deep?
(Oh, where did you all this reap
That puts the world to rest?)

Towards a bird you roll
Your eyes like you did once.
Look! The leaves fall and dance.
(A silent waterfall!)

Where did the Pek disappear
And the slender slope and gorge?
The wound is more severe.

It’s hollow. The word’s an echo.
Like a metal hill that’s forged
Stand before you the years.

Translation from the Serbian by:
Danica Dimitrijević

Kuda potonu Pek

Gorčinom zar već obuzet?
Beznadje ti je dno?
(O otkud nadje baš sve to
Što upokojava svet?)

Lice u pticu sad
Okrećeš ko’ nekad, pre.
Gle: lišće pada na tle.
(Nečujni vodopad!)

Kuda potonu Pek
I blagi breg i klis?
Iz rane iščile lek.

Šuplje je. Reč je već zvek.
Kao metalnog brda vis
Stoji pred tobom vek.



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