Oh, Youth

Oh, Youth

By Arsen Dedić

A lot you gave, yet you stole, o!
And unfaithful you were in truth,
Not much favour did you bestow,
Oh, youth, my youth,
My sweet youth, oh

The weak sun that down has gone
The fleeting love, short dreams, so
Little is there to look back on
Youth, my youth, oh

Stop for a while, make me strong
At least to part with her and pass,
Until my friends finish their song,
And until I drain the glass.

Still hopeful, but what shall I do now,
Halfway thru our journey are we tho’
Today others are young, I do avow,
Youth, my youth, oh
My sweet youth, oh

Goodbye now, be fairer to them all,
And more kindness may you bestow
For what I lose is so petty and small,
Youth, my youth, oh

Translation by: Ljiljana Parović

O mladosti

Poklanjala si al’ si krala
I nevjerna si bila ti
Ne, suviše mi nisi dala
O mladosti, o mladosti,
O mladosti moja

To škrto sunce što je palo
Ta ljubav jadna, kratki sni
Za uspomene to je malo
O mladosti, mladosti

Daj stani na čas, i daj mi snage
Da oprostim se bar od nje
I da mi društvo pjesmu svrši
I da se čaša ispije

Još prepun nade, što da radim
Na pola puta tek smo mi
A jutros već su drugi mladi
O mladosti, o mladosti
O mladosti moja

Pa zbogom, budi bolja s drugim
I daj mu više nježnosti
Jer to je ništa što ja gubim
O mladosti, mladosti




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