O Why?

O Why?

By Veljko Petrović

O why did we meet, o do tell me why,
On the lifeless path of bitter languish,
Under the dreary sky of autumn anguish!
O why did we look at each other, why?

Why didn’t we miss each other, my grace,
Like on the open ocean galleys two
That with black sails and dead boats two,
Sail and fade in the mist without a trace?

Translated from the Serbian by:
Ljiljana Parović

О зашто?

О зашто смо се, зашто смо се срели
На мртвој стази опора венења,
Под мутним небом маћијског јесења!
О, зашто смо се погледали, је ли?

О, зашт’ се нисмо мимоишли, драга,
К’о до две лађе на сред океана,
Што црних једри, а с два мртва кана,
Плове и мину у магли без трага?

Two boats in water by McVaio


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