Welcome to my blog intended for all poetry lovers and nature, trekking and mountaineering devotees.

The first and foremost objective of this blog is to familiarize wider audiences in this country and internationally with the individual opuses of Serbian classical and contemporary poets in English translation. Given that the legacy of Serbian poets is extensive, but unfortunately, has not been widely translated and popularized abroad, it is my intention to make my own contribution, however small, to its promotion, by producing and sharing with all of you the translation of a selection of poems penned by distinguished Serbian authors. You are encouraged to help this site to grow by contributing your own translation and sending comments, suggestions or links to any similar blogs or websites that you follow or are familiar with.

Besides poetry, this site also addresses all lovers of nature and animals keen on travelling, trekking, mountaineering, hiking and other outdoor activities. As I am one of them myself, I wished to share with you photos taken during many a trekking tour of my own, mainly in Serbia. Those of you with similar interests and hobbies who would like to share your photos and mountaineering experiences on this blog are welcome to do so. Your contribution will be much appreciated.


4 thoughts on “About

    1. Divan predlog, ali za sada ću takav poduhvat prepustiti drugima dok još malo ne usavršim italijanski. U svakom slučaju bi me radovalo kad bi neko poslao prevod neke naše pesme na italijanski ili bilo koji drugi jezik. Kako ti stojiš s poezijom? 🙂 Hvala na podršci.


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